You won’t believe the benefit! It’s right in front of you, but most people don’t know what it does!

Are you wondering what the cover in the lower left corner of the washing machine does? Perhaps this cover, which you have never opened and did not attract your attention, is of vital importance for your washing machine.

Washing machines, one of the electronic devices used at home, help to lighten a great burden of women. However, most people only know how to push the buttons of the washing machine and start it, and they do not know what the parts in other parts are for. In fact, many people do not even notice the cover on the bottom of the washing machine. In fact, this small cover in washing machines has a very important function. This section, called the drain pump, ensures that the small parts left in your washing machine do not spoil your machine.


  • Coins, lost buttons and other little things forgotten in the pockets of the clothes are collected in this part of the washing machine.

  • These little things can clog the filter over time. If your washing machine is not draining the water, this may be the reason.

  • To check the pump filter, you can open the cover in the corner and clean it.

  • Since the system of each machine will not be the same, it would be better to read the user manual before cleaning the filter.

  • At the same time, there is a very important detail that you should pay attention to. Before cleaning the door in the washing machine, keeping a bucket under the door without opening the door will be a good solution to prevent the remaining water from scattering around.

  • Thus, it is possible to both clean the filter and extend the life of your washing machine with this method.

  • You need to repeat this process every 2 months.
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