You can minimize fuel consumption in your vehicle with just these simple tips!

First of all, we wish all our readers safe and economical driving. Driving a car or a motorbike, which provides us with great convenience and pleasure in our life cycle, also has a negative financial dimension. Of course, we are talking about the fuel consumed by these vehicles.

Some small tips are needed to save on fuel consumption and use our money economically. You can minimize the fuel consumption of your vehicle with these saving methods that only require attention and habit.

Let your vehicle be as well-maintained as yourself

Whether it’s a car or a motorcycle; Whether it is gasoline or electric, having your vehicle serviced at the right time ensures that the parts work fully efficiently. According to Emir, the most important issue is the timely and complete maintenance of the vehicle. When it’s time for vehicle maintenance for Emir, life stops and he adjusts his plans accordingly. Because Emir; It knows very well that a problem that will occur in parts that are directly related to the operation of the engine, such as the air filter, spark plugs and engine oil, will cause the engine to operate more difficult and naturally lead to more fuel consumption.

Attention to the Weather of the Wheels!

İpek never neglects to take care of himself, and also pays attention to the maintenance of his car. In addition, İpek does not start her car without checking its wheels. You ask why? Because each tire has pressure values ​​that it should have according to its own characteristics. If this value is low, fuel consumption will increase as a much larger area of ​​the wheels will touch the ground. Even if it is excessive, the vehicle may show some reactions such as shaking while driving, and any abnormal situation will cause the engine to increase fuel consumption. If there is a problem with even one of the wheels, İpek solves this problem by taking the vehicle to the right gas station or maintenance station.

Don’t Lose Where You Stand With Idle

Also, let’s not forget that you will incur losses by waiting at idle with your vehicle. In particular, there are those who wait longer than necessary for the engine to warm up. The recommended time for this is 30 seconds. 1 minute in winter. Therefore, if Emir has to deal with his phone while on the road and there is no danger that he will need an airbag, he will pull his vehicle aside and turn off the engine. Because it is always better to wait with the engine off than to stop at idle for fuel economy. In addition, Emir saves a lot of fuel by checking the road routes every morning and choosing the roads with the least traffic.

Correct Gear Brings Correct Fuel Consumption

Another important issue in fuel economy is gear. For example, driving in 1st gear for a long time increases fuel consumption. 1st gear is there to move the car. In addition, İpek also takes care not to increase the revs while changing gears. Because the revolutions when each gear is most efficient in terms of fuel and performance are certain. Like İpek, you can prevent your vehicle from “drinking gasoline” by using the appropriate gears at certain revs. Another point that İpek pays attention to is to take her foot off the pedal at the appropriate point instead of driving by putting the gear in neutral! Thus, by saving more fuel, it can save with the extra money it will give to the fuel.

Other Tips for Fuel Economy

You should definitely do the items so far to save fuel. But that’s not all. Paying attention to every aspect of saving, İpek and Emir take care to keep their windows closed while watching fast. Thus, they can save up to 10% at high speeds. Also, taking care not to hit the brakes too often, our duo prevents a few drops of fuel from the tank every time the brake is applied! Like Emir and İpek, who are careful not to make sudden departures, you can spend your money more efficiently by paying attention to these tricks; You can realize your dream savings and investment plans faster.

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